Food matters because we love to eat. Sitting down to enjoy our favorite foods can be the highlight of the day. But food matters even more because the foods we eat have a purpose. The food choices we make directly impact the energy and focus we need to reach our goals, every day and throughout our lives!

Discovering and choosing the right foods can propel you forward, help you succeed and keep you healthy. But for many of us, eating healthy is challenging. It takes planning, it takes time—it even takes the creativity and courage to listen to new ideas, try new foods and open up to new flavors. 

Our chefs and dietitians are here to help take the mystery out of healthy eating. We recognize and accommodate food allergies, preferences, and special dietary needs in a way that’s personalized, sensitive and supportive. In fact, we pride ourselves on working with you to make sure you can find the food that fits your life. For more information, email Jonathan Torok, District Executive Chef,



We recognize various food allergies and intolerances, and strive to provide you with all the ingredients we use in the food we prepare. Our menu identifiers provide a breakdown of  nutritional content. Menus are also available online with allergen, nutritional and complete  ingredient information at

The True Balance station is designed to assist students with food allergies to make safe and healthy choices while dining on campus. All of the foods in this station are made without 7 of the top 8 most common food allergens, including wheat, soy, eggs, milk, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts.  Meals served at the True Balance station are prepared in an allergen-free area of the kitchen, including secluded storage areas to eliminate chance of cross-contact.  Our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal regardless of their food allergy. You can find our True Balance station in Ottawa East.